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The Saimaa Archipelago Route

The Saimaa Archipelago Route

The approximately 156-kilometre-long Saimaa Archipelago Route runs along the Salpausselks, large marginal formations shaped by the continental ice sheet, offering, in addition to the sights of the cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra, three charming church villages in Taipalsaari, Ruokolahti and Joutseno.

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Planning your trip

Cycling routes on Lake Saimaa are mainly along paved roads, in gently undulating terrain. There are also gravel roads along the route, which are suitable for normal cycling. For longer routes, it is advisable to set aside several days to enjoy the stunning scenery of the southern Saimaa and the local amenities. Find out in advance about the accommodation, restaurants and water connections along the routes so that you can plan and schedule your trip. You can check the services available in the area before you go at

Remember to always start planning your route and your trip by checking the dates and times of the M/s Rasti at and the timetable for the Utula-Eitsaari ferry at

Equipment and safety

The Saimaa cycling routes are partly on busy roads. For your safety, please remember to wear the right cycling equipment, such as a cycling helmet and accessories that are clearly visible in traffic. It is also a good idea to carry a first aid kit with you at all times. Be sure to bring a drink for the ride and an energy-boosting snack. Please note that there are no grocery stores between Taipalsaari church village and Utula. It is possible to buy drinks from the Cycle Ferry Rast.

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These to take on a bike trip

Tent and 2 sleeping pads. When you sleep in a tent, you don’t have to adjust your schedule.

When you sleep in a tent, you’ll have a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad.

First aid kit, painkiller and an ointment suitable for chafing, Bepanthen is good for example.

Rain gear. A raincoat and Rainlegs rain gear will protect your thighs and are easy to wrap around your waist after a rain.

Gloves. Neoprene gloves keep your hands warm even in the rain. Power gloves are also a good option, as they support the wrist.

Water bottles. Don’t skimp on hydration. Bring sports drink tablets containing magnesium and potassium. If exhaustion strikes, they’re a good recovery. In hot weather, you can also add salt to your drink.

Paper map of the route. Sometimes it can happen that your phone can’t find the course. If you have a paper map, you won’t get into trouble. Download the map

Sunscreens. Proper sunscreens prevent your skin from burning. Sunglasses increase driving safety.

Dry mouth. Just in case you can’t get to a store or restaurant, stock up on enough food to last you 24 hours. Almonds and raisins are good sources of energy.

A mobile phone and a back-up power supply. You can call for help, but also document great places along the route to remember and share with others. Remember the #saimaa island route #saimaacycling tags.

Download a paper map of the Saimaa Island Route (pdf)