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Savitaipale round

Cycle to a rural idyll, see the rapids and the fortress

The Savitaipalee tour offers cyclists Karelian rural landscapes and historical sites along the shores of Lake Saimaa. The summer cottage village is also known for its many summer events.


Esittelytekstin kuva

Beautiful rural landscapes

The Savitaipalee Tour is cycled in rural landscapes, partly on asphalt roads and partly on sandy paths. The scenery is mainly traditional Finnish countryside idyll.

The highlights of the Savitaipalee tour are the Kärnäkoski fortress area at Partakoski. Built by Russian general Aleksandr Suvorov as part of the defence of St Petersburg, the Kärnäkoski bastion fortress was completed in 1793. The mill and sawmill built in the 19th century next to the fortress are worth visiting as part of the authentic cultural landscape around the fortress. Also nearby is the Partakoski. The Hakamäki museum area in Savitaipalee church village is located on a green hill with a beautiful view of Kuolimo.

The Savitaipalee tour is an excellent part of the Saimaa Island Route.

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