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Puumala Archipelago Route

Cycle to the archipelago of Saimaa!

Nauti upeista Saimaan saari- ja harjumaisemista Puumalassa pyöräillen. Noin 60 kilometrin pituinen reitti kulkee läpi saarien, siltojen ja harjujaksojen. Puumalan elävä kirkonkylä ja satama kutsuvat nauttimaan leppoisasta tunnelmasta ja paikallisista herkuista.


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Beautiful landscapes and nice places to swim

Enjoy the stunning island and ridge landscapes of Saimaa by cycling in Puumala. The route is about 60 km long and passes through islands, bridges and ridges. Puumala’s lively church village and harbour invite you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and local delicacies. Along the way you will also find the Norppa Trail, with beautiful scenery and nice swimming spots. The main route runs along public roads. On the eastern side of Niinisaari, there is a water crossing at the Hätinvirra ferry. The ferry is free of charge and operates 24 hours a day, excluding short breaks.

Between Hurissalo and Lintusalo islands, the Norppa II cycle ferry is used. The route can be cycled in a day, but there is enough to see for several days. There are cafés and restaurants along the way, where you can enjoy local delicacies while admiring the Saimaa. Along the route you can stay in a cottage, hotel or camping in the bosom of nature.

Read more about the island route on the Visit Puumala website.

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