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Pihlajavesi Polkasu, 65 km

Pihlajavesi Polkasu, 65 km

The Pihlajavesi Polkasu is a beautiful circular route through the Finnish national landscapes in Punkaharju. The cycling section of the route is about 65 km. Halfway along the route, you can relax on a cruise on the norwegian waters of Lake Saimaa and rest your feet in a sauna, for example.

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An exciting ring route

Along the route, you can enjoy the services of unique rest stops and take a dip in the cooling Saimaa Sea. You can complete the experience by staying on board or by combining it with a traditional cottage holiday.

The route includes a river crossing and can be pedalled on certain days between June and August. Cruise tickets must be purchased in advance. The route can be pedalled in both directions.

For more information about the route and to buy tickets:

Check out the route information

Download a paper map of the Saimaa Island Route (pdf)