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Aitsaari Landscape Road

Cycle in the landscape!

Via Äitsaari from Ruokolahti to Utula or vice versa!


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Relax on the Saimaa Riviera

The journey between Sarviniemi and Kyläniemi is made on the Rasti cycle ferry. The route between Ruokolahti and Utula is pedalled via the stunning Äitsaari scenic road, which is also used for boat rides.

Always remember to check the timetables of the Rasti ferry and the Utula Lautturi boat trip in advance, as there is no service 24/7 or every day.

Äitsaari is the largest island in South Karelia. As summer approaches, the population of Äitsaari and the surrounding area multiplies as summer residents arrive at their holiday homes. There are also dozens of lakes and ponds on the island. Along Äitsaari’s scenic road is Huuhanranta, one of the longest sandy beaches on Lake Saimaa. Huuhanranta is 1.5 km long and its shallow sandy bottom makes it ideal for wading. Huuhanranta has also been called the “Saimaa Riviera”.

Rastinniemi, on the eastern shore of Rastinvirta in Kyläniemi, is one of the finest hiking destinations in Saimaa. Rastinniemi is about 4 km from Kyläniemi harbour, 3 km of which is on a sandy road, but it is well worth cycling to Rastinniemi. There are two campfire shelters for self-sufficient hikers, and there is plenty of shoreline on both sides of the peninsula.

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